VIRUS STATEMENT - 2020 AGM to be an on line and mail meeting.

 2021 hopefully. back to normal  

The unanimous view of the Committee is that there will NOT be an AGM on 10th October, in the traditional way, that is, a Committee Meeting followed by members meeting up at the AGM together with luncheon. 

Instead, around 1st  October the papers which are normally available for the AGM will be distributed to members on line, or via the post for those who are not on line. Members will be invited to vote on the matters, nil returns being regarded as affirmation. 

Meanwhile, we are very fortunate that due to earlier meeting difficulties but having full coffers we changed our approach to provide a full programme of writing experiences together with the concept of writing and judging the entries. There has been a clear raising of entry numbers and standards and that is a cause for pride for all of us. 

So, our only change, for the moment is that members will not be put in jeopardy and will continue as before with the competitions, and The Author, Waves and wavelengths and the Anthology 2020 will continue to be published. 



Michael Round

Chairman SCPSW on behalf of the Committee.