SCPSW - Committee and officers

SCPSW - Committee and Officers

Chair: Michael Round   

Vice Chair: Ethel Corduff  

Membership Secretary: Helen Lowry

Meetings SecretaryBernie Bickerton

TreasurerJonathan Atkinson, 

Competition Secretary: Michael Round (Acting)

Publicity OfficerJenny Grove

Poetry EditorTerry James, 

Editor of The Author: Mike Boland, 

Ex Officio, voting members: 

The President Terry Rickson

President:  Terry Rickson

Vice President: Vacant

Former Presidents:

Humbert Wolfe  (1935–40)

Lord Vansittart (1940–57)

Sir George Rostrevor Hamilton (1957-67)

Bernard Newman (1967–68)

James Laver (1968-75)

Lord Snow (1975-80)

Charles Neilson Gattey (1980-2005)

Alan Sedgwick Watts (2005-2016)

Next Committee Meeting (Currently on hold due to virus restrictions - business is being conducted on line as and when needed)

The day to day management of the Society will be conducted on line with approximately 3-4 meetings each year including the AGM with a pre AGM management meeting.

NEXT MEETINGS: AGM will be Zoomed 2021

'Next meeting: Committee, 10.45am on XX May; 

AGM, 1pm on 1XXMay.

(Post Virus and meetingds will be at the

Civil Service Club, London: Click below:)



Acting Webmaster: Michael Round