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Leslie Wilkie - Ethel Corduff - Michael Round - Stephen Bibby

Recent Publications (Or material about to be published)

Leslie Wilkie

Leslie has written several novels, including several with a mystery background. Also see below. (Published)
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Ethel Corduff

A history of the impact of Irish Nursing on nursing in the UK and the impact on the NHS  (Published June 2021)
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Michael Round

A novella set in Rome and Italy in 1610. A group of youngsters are sent out on a mission to find the banished Caravaggio before he is executed.(Published July 2021) 
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Stephen Bibby

Stephen has published several books, the above three are representative. For further information click the Button below

David J Tate

David J Tate

David has had published several short stories and some poetry. He has recently signed a publishing contract for his first novel.  For further information click the Button below.

Copy Awaited

Details awaited

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