An Anectdote

The idea for the February competition is a result of the President, when he was speaking obiter at a meeting he chaired, telling  a charming story about an incident he experienced when in the RAF.

We all, even the youngest member, will have a set-piece memory, a memoir, an anecdote from earlier times which would entertain. It was thought this would make a good inspiration for a writing challenge. 

There is no lower limit to the word count but a strict upper limit of 1,500 words. 
A LEAD SHEET (see example in the pdf link at foot of
January Competition page) IS ESSENTIAL for all entries.

At the same time the Judges will be looking for crafted writing with some form of introduction, some dialogue, a punch line or shock ending, or amusing twist to end with, which might be enhanced by being an echo of the beginning. Good characterisation and/or descriptive skills will also be looked for.

It will not be fatal if any element is missing from the above but the points serve as part of the guideline for the writing of the piece - if all aspects are present the judges will be impressed.

The piece may be fiction, fact inspired, or simply a non-fiction happening that you have created for effect, or heard of. A thoroughly crafted piece of writing is the aim.

The usual run of £50 to the winner; £25 to the runner up, and up to three £10 commended entries.  Deadline is 15th February, with announcement on or by 1st March but entries must have a lead sheet, must be single spaced, and must be in Times New Roman point 12.

A booklet will be compiled shortly after the 15th February and will be sent on line to all members on line, entry is assumed as permission for this distribution to take place. This will serve to involve all on-line members in the activity, will form an element of encouragement, and give opportunity for all to make a personal assessment - to be compared with the result. The winner will be published in the AUTHOR at a later date, I will also forward the runner up and commended entries, if any, to the editor of Author in case he has space, his decision on number used being final.