The Folios

There are currently two poetry postal folios in circulation, run by the Poetry Workshop. Until earlier this year there were four, when a rationalisation exercise was needed due to deceased and lapsed members.

There is one poetry e-folio in operation.

Details of the folios are given in every issue of The Author, on the 'Poetry Workshop News' pages and in 'wavelengths'.



Update from Sylvia Neumann, organiser

I have been associated with SCPSW for a long time. I used to belong to SCPSW itself, but I left to concentrate on the Poetry Workshop, which I felt, at this stage, was livelier.
 I run the e-folio, which currently has five members, although any member of the Poetry Workshop is welcome to join. We take turns in sending round a poem, and the other members offer comments and encouragement. This works well, although members need to be comfortable using email.
Mike Boland, Editor of Author, runs two postal folios which are open to any member of the Poetry Workshop. Folios circulate round a group of members, who offer constructive comments and advice. 
This information is available in the Poetry Workshop Newsletter - wavelengths.