The Writing of David Tate

David J Tate – short biography 

I live in a small village near Winchester in Hampshire with my wife Roxanne and daughter Mimi. Having taken early retirement from my Whitehall job last year, I am now concentrating some of my time on writing. My first novel (Woken) is due to be published in 2022 and I am currently half way through my second novel (Working title The Caricature Murders), while writing short stories in between. Hobbies include reading, music, football (Chelsea fan!), horse racing, gardening, science and walking our standard poodle Phoenix.

I have a twitter account (over 2800 followers, @DavidTa26580996) on which, amongst other things, I share book and music reviews. 

A teasing blurb for Woken 

Woken is a fantasy, horror, whodunnit mash up, (with a ‘what the heck’ twist in the tail). It tells us of Jack, a lonely trainee solicitor who meets and falls in love with the beautiful and enigmatic Olivia. After meeting Olivia, Jack begins to be stalked by a large menacing black clad man, and after a revelatory visit to Olivia’s parents, and shockingly learning that Olivia is not all that she appears to be, the strangled and raped dead body of a woman is found in a trunk in the house of one of Jack’s work colleagues. The corpse and Olivia’s revelation prove to be just the beginning, as for all involved the truth is far, far darker than they could have ever imagined.