Latest News

Frequent Contact from the Chair.
The Chair is also the Webmaster and in contact very regularly with the Committee. This will enhance his  direct contacts with the  on-line membership. In addition there will be one more general letter, using normal mail, when things are more settled, but from then on all universal contact will be in the form of the four issues of The Author. All members will, of course, also be able to follow news on this site.

Tips for Writers

In 2020 The writing group, Croydon Writers, produced (at least I did for them) a booklet the same size as Author on the history of the Society, and then a second of collated tips for writers. I intend to re-write and extend this publication and give it at my expense to the membership in return for their support.  The same booklet will be given to Croydon Writers. It is possible that members have tips or guidelines they follow in their writing and might wish to share. Like for example the guidance of the avoiding 'and' offered recently by Stephen, or the three sentence rule when a character is speaking. Usually speakers are interrupted during a speech and rarely get beyond three sentences. Anyway any assistance will be appreciated. Publication during the autumn.

Members Publications

I am very anxious to support the work of our members when they take the plunge and go for self publication, or indeed get main line published. If you have publicity material I see no reason whey a single sheet announcement cannot be included in a mailing, and on the website, and in the informal messages coming out. 

I know that our Vice Chair and long serving member, Ethel Corduff is on the cusp of publication of a really interesting history book Ireland's Loss - Britain's Gain I know of two other members who have books published, and of several who are in the process. I have self published a number of books of my own and other books for writers and know the value of getting the title about on the net.