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One of our members in response asking members to suggest  'changes and new ideas' suggested an 'open to all' judging occasion. Our first competition of the year is the 100 word FLASH FICTION CHALLENGE -  we will give the judging idea a trial for this competition.

Members must write EXACTLY 100 words (Title is not counted).

A perfect little story with an opening, main body, and conclusion is looked for. The conclusion should have a shock or a twist.


ALL on-line members will be asked to send in their choice for winner and runner up, whether they have entered the competition or not.  The Competition Secretary will collate the information.

The Competition Secretary will create a spreadsheet awarding 2 points for chosen winners and 1 point for the runners up. In the event of a tie the prize will be shared.

The Competition Secretary will act as arbitrator if needed and will not cast a vote or make an entry in the actual competition. Members will be trusted not to vote for themselves. 

Unfortunately on this occasion the handful of members who are not on line will not be able to vote. Voting will take place as soon as the usual booklet is sent to members on-line around 16th January and voting will close at midnight on the last day of January with the results published on 1st February.