SCHEDULE of meetings, deadlines and competitions, etc.

2020  (11 Competitions; 9 publications; one-off  'Anthology 2020') 

Jan:   1st:  Subscriptions due for 2020 (Details click - SEE)
    1st:   Subscriptions due for 2020 Poetry Workshop
    1st:  First entries for copy for ANTHOLOGY 2020

      15th: Deadline for Spring '20 Issue AUTHOR
15th: Deadline 100 word Flash Fiction Competition  (See important note HERE )
Feb:  1st:    Closing date: Submissions to spring wavelengths Issue 62
        15th: Deadline Autobiographical Anecdote Competition

Mar:      Publication of wavelengths Issue 62
1st week in March: Publication of AUTHOR (Spring'20  Issue)
  15th: Deadline: Herbert Spencer poetry Competition
April: 15th: Deadline: 250 word Flash Fiction Competition
15th: Deadline for Summer '20 Issue AUTHOR
     30th: Deadline submissions to summer wavelengths Issue 63  2020 
May: 15th: Deadline: Lewis Wright Short Story Competition
June:     1st week in June: Publication of AUTHOR (Summer '20 Issue)
     15th: Deadline: Gordon Gompers Article Competition
    June 2020 publication of wavelengths No.63

July:   15th: Deadline for Autumn '20 Issue AUTHOR
     15th: Deadline: RANDOM ANYTHING GOES Competition

Aug:       1st: deadline for wavelengths No.64
     15th: Deadline: Short Story for Children Competition
Sept:  1st: Final Deadline copy for ANTHOLOGY 2020
                 1st week in September: Publication of AUTHOR (Autumn '20 Issue)
15th: Deadline: Vee Bradley Humorous Poetry Competition
      September 2020: Publication of wavelengths 64

Oct:   10th October.  AGM  - on line and mail. Click to see: Virus Statement.
15th: Deadline for Winter '20 Issue AUTHOR
15th: Deadline: 650 word Flash Fiction Competition 
Nov: 1st: Deadline for
wavelengths 65
    5th: (Yes, 5th): Chairman's 1000 Word Challenge Competition
Dec:  1st: Publication of ANTHOLOGY 2020
1st week in December: Publication of AUTHOR (Winter '20 Issue)
     December 2020: Publication of wavelengths 65

Publication of WAVES (2020)

Editors will be Mike Boland and Terry Rickson

Publication date to be decided, but sometime in the autumn.