Anything Goes

Members are invited to send in a piece of writing of their personal choice. Something, be it a poem, short story, article, memoir, one act play, chapter, experimental piece, or an extract from something in preparation.. Something of any genre or length which pleases them; objective being: see if the writing pleases others. 

The piece can be humorous, erotic, horror, uplifting, but above all entertaining. Written to catch the eye, please the reader, the unknown future reader always being in mind. 

The piece should have a separate short introduction saying, for example: 

'A kind of diary entry covering a weekend when things went wrong.' or 

'A poem I wrote several years ago about falling out of an apple tree.' 

In much the same way as, in years gone by, a social gathering 

might include party pieces... usually introduced by the performer.

Winner: £50; Runner Up: £24; up to FOUR Commended.