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2022 Competitions

(No entry fees this year)

Unless otherwise noted  TWO entries may be submitted from each author.


For the Love of Writing:

Members are invited to send in any form of writing which shows their personal style and expertise. You may wish to send in an extract, a short story, a poem, an article, or a personal reflection or account of something which has caught your whim. (This competition is a 'warm up' for the year and is in honour only, no prize money. A running order of 1st, 2nd and 3 commended.)

February: Autobiographical Anecdote -
Up to 1,500; Winner £40; Runner Up £20; up to 3 Commended in honour only. 

Something from childhood, your first love, a moment in the military or in your career, a holiday incident, something amusing you heard on a Clapham omnibus, fiction or not. 

March: Herbert Spencer Poetry Competition: Prizes - 1st £40; 2nd £20; 3 commended. Up to 40 lines
Deadline 15 March

April: RANDOM WRITING (Double judging):
Prizes 1st £50; 2nd £20.; 4 Commended Deadline 15 April 
(This challenge may be shifted or replaced)

May: Lewis Wright Short Story Competition:  Prizes 1st £50, 2nd £25, plus 3 Commended  Closing date 15 May. 

Entries for this competition should be not more than 3000 words. 

June: Gordon Gompers Competition: Prizes 1st £50; 2nd £25; 3 Commended, honour only. Deadline 15 June.
Travel and holiday articles, up to 3,000 words.

July:   250 word Flash Fiction Competition: Prizes - 1st £ 30; 2nd £10. Deadline 15July

August: SCPSW Short Story for Children Competition. 

Prizes 1st £50; 2nd £25;  3 Commended, Honour only. Deadline 15 August.

Up to 1,500 words

September: Vee Bradley Humorous Poetry Competition 

PRIZES: £30, 2nd £15,  3 commended. Deadline: 15 September. 

No longer than 30 lines, with each poem on a separate sheet. (3 may be submitted)

October: 100 word Flash Fiction: Prizes 1st £30; 2nd £15. Deadline 15 October

(3 may be submitted)

November: Chairman’s 1000 word Challenge: Prizes 1st £50; 2nd £25; plus up to 3 Commended, Honour only 

Subject: Theme to be announced.

 Deadline is 15 November.

December: No Competition

All competitions for members only; all entries free at present.

All competition entries should not have been published, either in The Author or elsewhere.  

All competitions are strictly for  SCPSW members.
Join in order to enter - eligible writers include serving or retired members of the Civil Service, Armed Forces, National Health Service, Local Government, the Police Forces or any Public Service.

Details of membership HERE.



All entries should preferably be sent on-line as a WORD.doc attachment to an email. (NOT pdfs.)
On a lead sheet all entries should bear the name of the competition being entered, the submission's title, the author’s name and address.

Please also put the author's name beneath the piece's title.
NOTE: We do not use pen names for the competitions.

HARD COPY entries may also be sent but must be typed on A4 paper.
On a lead sheet all entries should bear the name of the competition being entered, a title, the author’s name and address 
Entries will only be returned if accompanied by SAE.