Updated 6 April 2021

SCPSW was founded in 1935.
2021 is our 86th year.
A year with 

11 competitions, 

9 publications and 

a major anthology
available for purchase direct or on Kindle (April '21) as part of our programme

VIRUS: SCPSW not affected
except AGM 2021 will be a Zoom Meeting.

 The curious drive to put finger to stylus, quill, steel pen, fountain pen, Biro,  keyboard and  word processing  has driven us from cave and rock face to high speed computer over the passage of tens of thousands of years. We take from our minds  so that other minds can be touched. 

Our aim is to encourage writing for pleasure and occasional profit.  AND we provide CRITIQUE.

Membership provides opportunities for critique by other writers, chances of publication in Author (4 per annum),  wavelengths  (4) and Waves (1).
To mark our 85th Year a major ANTHOLOGY.

 Encouragement comes from our competitions and news of other publishing and competition opportunities trawled by this site - for example the Bridport Prize - check out
 their site here.
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