The Society, through Rainbow Valley Books  (Note: the site is being upgraded shortly), will be publishing an ISBN identified Anthology in 2020 which will appear on Kindle and be available on Amazon or direct from Rainbow Valley Books. The publication will be sent to the national book depository which distributes copies to the five great libraries, including the British Library.

Michael Round will act as editor with final discretion.


Generally the standard of writing within the Society is such that most material will automatically be accepted for the Anthology. In some cases on-line manuscripts may be returned for revision, but publication is assured.

Members can request copies in advance, or upon publication, which will be heavily discounted... probably £16 discounted to £8 plus postage. Illustrations within the text are possible in monochrome.

Contributions are invited from 1st January 2020 with a publication target of 1st December 2020. This will allow for members to see their work in professional print – the books will make wonderful Christmas presents - signed by their contributing author would be a nice touch!

Entry is restricted to SCPSW and the Poetry Workshop.

Send to Editor by pdf attachment HERE

Contributions may be poetry, fiction, extracts of novels, articles with or without illustrations, memoir pieces, and poetry. Illustrations can be used throughout (jpeg format) will be rendered to monochrome. Word limit is from 100 to 5,000 words, multiple contributions can be offered. 

There is no fee for entry, nor is there a royalty but the contributor will retain all copyright of the submitted piece(s). Previously published material in the Society’s journal may be entered, and some authors will be asked for permission to use some already published material. But NEW writing is eagerly looked for. Please do not leave to the last deadline date which is 

1st September 2020 (seven are in already - May 2020)

Entries must be on line in the form of a pdf attachment in Times New Roman font 11 or 12, with single speech marks rather than double, single spaced. The book will have a full colour cover and be half royal in size (slightly larger than most paper backs) be professionally perfect bound, around 300 pages and printed by CPI, an industrial level printer.