Society of Civil & Public Service Writers


8 MAY 2021 at 1pm-3pm

Conducted by Zoom, post and email


Please inform Chair if you have email or postal comments by 6 May: or 205 Sanderstead Road, S Croydon, CR2 0PH    

1. Minutes of AGM held on 10 October 2020

2. Matters Arising

3. Reports from:         Chairman  


                                    Membership Secretary

                                    Magazine Editor

                                    Poetry Workshop

                                    Meetings Secretary

                                    Publicity Officer

                                    Competitions Secretary                                    

4. Election for Committee 2021:

                                    President (no election; Life) Terry Rickson

                                    Chairman (Second term; 1st of 3 years) Michael R

                                    Deputy Chairman – Ethel Corduff

                                    Treasurer – Jonathan Atkinson

                                    Membership Secretary – Helen Lowry

                                    Magazine Editor – Mike Boland

                                    Meetings Secretary – Bernie Bickerton

                                    Publicity Officer – Jenny Chamier-Grove

                                  Competitions Secretary – Michael Round                                    

5. Successor to John Le Carre  

6. Future events and competition programme

7. Any Other Business

8. AGM closes.