DEADLINE: midnight 15th January 2020
on-line only - copy to be sent to the Chair - see below

(Example of how to submit a piece is shown with a 500 word story - click on the download button at foot of page)

You have to submit one or more pieces with an EXACT 100 word count. A couple of examples below. The authors should try to get an echo at the end, of the beginning, or have a twist as might be found in a 'joke'.

Copy is to be sent on line to the Chair at michaelround@blueyonder.co.uk

Winner will be awarded £50; second £25; and up to three Commended £10

Results will be announced on 1st February

Rules: Use Times New Roman font 12 point, single spacing. WORD COUNT exactly 100 words not counting title. A LEAD SHEET (see example in the pdf link below) IS ESSENTIAL for all entries.

All entries will be worked into an on-line booklet which will be sent to all on-line members, and published on the site as a pdf. The winner will later be published in AUTHOR. In the event of space being available additional leading entries may be publish in Author too - the editor's decision being final.


The major was very drunk, very benevolent, and had woken us up to see if we were all right. The sergeant considered officers to be gods, and majors to be the makers of gods. The major decided to go, since we were all right. Outside he pulled at his car door but it would not budge. The sergeant knew why but dare not speak. The major pulled, jerked, the car rocked. The sergeant spun in terror. In the end I felt it best to speak out of turn and said, ‘Sir, you are trying to get into the wrong car.’


I found the car keys in the lettuce bowl in the fridge. I was not looking for them, had I been looking for them I would not have found them. How could I have imagined the keys to have been there? My poor demented mother. To make matters worse father was in denial about her condition. Perhaps a different approach was needed. I went into the front room where they sat together, hand in hand, watching WWF Wrestling. ‘Where are the car keys?’ I asked mother. ‘In the lettuce bowl in the fridge, where else would they be?’ said father. 

Friends -  get writing.

In a Foreign Field.pdf