SCPSW - The Poetry Workshop



For members of SCPSW the Annual subscription is £7.00, and is due on the 1st January. Full members pay a further £15.00 to join SCPSW - See Joining.

Members who wish only to be in the workshop do so as  Associate Members paying £8.

PW Dates 2018

1 January: Subscriptions due

1 Feb: deadline for submissions to wavelengths 

March 2018: Publication of wavelengths  No. 54

30 April 2018: Deadline for submissions to Waves 2018

Membership includes:

  • four issues of our 20 page magazine wavelengths each year
  • the chance of publication Waves, the PW's annual anthology
  • access to the popular Postal Folio scheme
  • access to the e-folio scheme
  • eligibility for the PW's One Day Workshops.