SCPSW is encouraging the opening of local Branches. 

The only requirement is that members of Branches are also members of the Society.



Convenor: Gopinath Chandroth (

15 July 2018

Based in or around Southampton? Enjoy creative writing and want to see your work in print? Looking for inspiration from other creative people? Want to win prizes in free to enter competitions? READ ON …

We are announcing the formation of Springboard, the Southampton chapter of The Society for Civil and Public Service Writers (SCPSW). 

Set up in 1935, SCPSW is a national organisation open only to past and present government employees and pubic service workers, including the NHS, the Education Sector, and the Armed Forces. 

The annual subscription is only £15 (£22 if you want to take part in 'poetry workshop' and its publications). 



Your work, if published in SCPSW's publications Author, Wavelengths and Waves, will be read by a wide audience all over the country. All members receive free copies (poetry publications go only to those on the Poetry Workshop list). SCPSW also currently runs eleven free to enter competitions every year.

Springboard plans to meet regularly in Southampton to discuss our work and derive inspiration from each other. The group plans to run its own creative writing workshops and meet regularly. It will also give members the chance to be part of the wider group of writers who are already members of SCPSW.


For membership of SCPSW: HERE

For joining Springboard (subscribing to SCPSW is a pre-requisite):

Contact: Gopinath Chandroth (