Avoiding 'Wind Up' some ideas

The Chairman's Recent Message

With effect from the April competition – 250 word, on-line, flash fiction – members who are not on line may send me hard copy - even in pencil if you use it as a preference – to the address shown below and elsewhere in this magazine. I will then scan your manuscript and turn it into what is called a jpeg (a photocopy, if you will, of your original) which will be added to the booklet which is sent to the on-line membership, and the judges – it is not practical or cost effective to send the booklet to all members since we are not clear who is or who is not on line and, frankly, the work load would make such an approach out of the question. But in the way outlined above, ALL are now at least included in access to the competitions and the chance to win prizes.

Local Branches

Several Members suggested that the concentration of events in London was something of a 'put off'. Holding local meetings which has been used many times by the Poetry Group brought up the notion of a BRANCH organisation as might be the case in a 'union'. 

Gopinath Chandroth, based in Southampton, suggested the creation of a local branch. This has been cleared by the Committee, Branches to be under the banner of SCPSW. The key principle is that branch members should by default join SCPSW. The main committee will advise and assist when and if needed and the Chair has already offered to go to the Southampton Branch and talk to that group about SCPSW and writing in general. Gopinath has also been made ex-officio member of the Committee to assist in communications.

Frequent Contact from the Chair.

The Chair is also the Webmaster and in contact very regularly with the Committee. This will enhance his  direct contacts with the  on-line membership. In addition there will be one more general letter, using normal mail, when things are more settled, but from then on all universal contact will be in the form of the four issues of The Author. All members will, of course also be able to follow news on this site.

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